Thursday, January 15, 2015

Day 8: Ride Photos {10 Days of Disney Vacation Photography Tips}

In today's 10 Days of Disney Vacation Photography Tips let's talk about ride photos. Specifically, dark ride photos. I have one very big tip here. Get a pen and some paper. This is very important. Are you ready? Do. Not. Use. Flash. You know when you are getting on the ride and they tell you no flash photography? Listen to them. They say that for a number of reasons but if there is one reason to listen it is to be kind to your fellow riders. Those flashes in a dark ride are so annoying. We once had a couple in front of us on the Pirates of the Caribbean taking selfies every 20 seconds. I was seeing spots for an hour after the ride. Another reason to not use flash - it doesn't help your photos! It washes out the photo and the result won't look like the actual ride. 
Remember yesterday's tip about night photography? So much of that applies to dark ride photos. Up your ISO and lower your aperture. To be honest, if your camera can't do those things and you need to use flash to take a photo in the dark just sit back and relax and enjoy the ride. Your photos won't come out the way you want them to anyway. 
One thing I like to do is capture the cars and people on the ride. Like this photo of Buzz Lightyear's Space Ranger Spin. It captures what the ride is about a little more than just taking a photo of what you are shooting with your laser. The photo below shows Roz picking on the cab passengers as they ride by. She always picks on me for taking a photo of her!
 All of these tips also apply to shows like Festival of the Lion King. 
That's it for today. Moral of the story - turn of your flash!! Tomorrow I will be talking about how to tell a story with your vacation photos. To catch up on the series follow the links below. 

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