Thursday, January 8, 2015

Day 1: Perspective {10 Days of Disney Vacation Photography Tips}

Welcome to 10 Days of Disney Vacation Photography Tips! For the next 10 days I will be posting a little photography tidbit every day. All of the tips will be useful whether you are using your phone camera or a DSLR. So let's begin Day 1!

Today's tip is all about perspective and angles. Try to look at things around you from different angles. When you are walking through the castle, look up! Get down closer to the ground when taking a photo. Maybe shoot through the trees or bushes to create some depth of field. Are you ever watching the fireworks or a Disney parade and think "I wish this crowd of people in front of me would move so I could get a clear shot!" Next time use the crowd. Put the castle in between the people in front of you and see what you get. There are many ways to change up the perspective. Next time you are in a Disney park, have fun thinking of new ways to look at some of those Disney icons! Here are some examples.

I took this photo of Madam Leota's grave through the iron fence. It creates a great frame inside the photo drawing your eye to the subject. 

Here is a great example of "looking up". I did not get the entire castle, but that's ok! It shows some great detailing. 

This is a photo of the chess set in the club lounge at the Grand Floridian. I took it down at the level of the table. 

One of my favorite places to photograph the Hollywood Tower of Terror Hotel in California Adventure is from Bug's Land. The clovers create such a great frame for the ride.

Here I took a photo of the pirate ships on Peter Pan's Flight. I actually had a lens on my camera that wasn't wide enough to capture the entire ship but that's ok! It made me look at things differently and I love the result!

Sometimes it's fun to look down too! Here is the Ariel statue on the Disney Wonder using the glass sculpture to fill in some negative space and help guide your eye to the subject. 

The last example was taken with my iPhone. This is one of my favorite angles of the Tree of Life at Animal Kingdom! You can see the animals carved into the trunk.

Do you see how simply changing up where you take your photo from can really effect the perspective and feel of the photo? It can be a lot of fun! Come back tomorrow - I'll be getting a little more technical, talking a about how to compose your images using the rule of thirds (I promise it will still be fun!)

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