Sunday, January 11, 2015

Day 4: Use Your Background {10 Days of Disney Vacation Photography Tips}

Day 4 of 10 Days of Disney Vacation Photography Tips is one of my favorites. We are going to talk about using the background of your image to really take the photo to another level. When you are about to take a photo just look around and see if you can capture some of the environment around you in the background to really tell the story of the photo a little more. The Seas with Nemo & Friends sign alone is a great photo. At another angle you would get the seagulls in the photo. Get a little lower to the ground and change your angle a little and you have Spaceship Earth and the monorail track behind the sign. It helps show that this ride is in EPCOT. It helps tell a story (we are going to touch more on telling a story with your photos later in this series). Now, timing it so the monorail is actually in the photo is only what OCD people like me do (or very lucky people) but it is so fun when it happens! 
Let's use this photo of Musketeer Pluto as an example. The one on the left is a great photo of the statue. It doesn't really show you where you are though. I mean, it is unlikely that you found a statue of Musketeer Pluto in your neighborhood park but hey, maybe you have a super awesome park! Step to the left a little bit and change up your angle and you have Cinderella's Castle in the background. Now the viewer knows Musketeer Pluto is in the Magic Kingdom. Fun right? 
Here's another great example. If you stand right in front of Gaston's statue he will block the sign that says Gaston's Tavern. Step a little to the left and you can get the sign along with the statue. 
Let's stick with a Beauty and the Beast theme. At certain angles the wall would block Beast's castle when you take a photo of the Be Our Guest sign. It takes just a minute to look at what is behind the sign to see that you could have an awesome photo! 
I never get tired of photographing Cars Land. The detail is extraordinary. It's fun to watch the cars from Radiator Springs Racers speeding by and you might find some cool shots while you watch! This is one that takes some timing but getting the cars in the background of this image really adds just a little extra magic. Here are just a few more examples: 

Fun right? I am usually the crazy person holding up my Mickey cupcake in one hand with my camera or phone in the other trying to get the castle in the background :) It's totally worth it though! 

Join me tomorrow when I will be talking about taking photos of characters and if you missed any of the previous posts follow the links below. 

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