Friday, January 9, 2015

Day 2: Rule of Thirds {10 Days of Disney Vacation Photography Tips}

Day 2 of the 10 Days of Disney Vacation Photography Tip is all about the rule of thirds. The rule of thirds is a pretty simple concept. The idea is to break the photo up in to thirds both across and from top to bottom. Do you see the grid on the first photo? It is more pleasing to the eye to have the subject at one of those cross points (I have used Mickey heads to mark the cross points because we all love Mickey!). Often when you are using a photo editing software, like Photoshop, when you crop the rule of thirds grid will appear to help you crop so the subject is meeting a cross point as much as possible. Now, this not a hard rule. Centering a subject is absolutely acceptable. In that case putting the eyes along that first line from the top is how you would still use the rule of thirds. Let's look at some examples! 

You can see with this one I did not get him perfectly lined up with a cross hair. That's ok! This is just a guideline and in no way a hard rule. 
This last example is another way of using the rule of thirds. The photo is literally divided into three sections. The sky, water and boat. If the sky took up more of the photo it would be less appealing. Too much negative space. Same with if there was less sky. Does that make sense? Again you can see that the horizon does not line up perfectly with that top line. When you are taking a photo there is no way of truly dividing a photo up into a perfect rule of thirds grid. Sometimes when cropping in editing you can adjust it some but just simply having the rule in the back of your mind you will notice that you compose your photos differently! 

Ok, that's it for today! This was a very quick rule of thirds tutorial. If you want to learn more just google the subject. You will find loads of websites that go into much more detail. Tomorrow I will be talking about photographing the details on your Disney vacation! 

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