Monday, January 12, 2015

Day 5: Characters {10 Days of Disney Vacation Photography Tips}

It's Day 5 of 10 Days of Disney Vacation Photography Tips. We are at the half-way point and today I will be talking about taking photos of characters. My biggest tip here is to interact with the characters and take candid photos. When you bring out the character in a character the photo is that much better! If you see Chip and Dale walking by the pool on your Disney Cruise ship, start taking photos. You might get to play a little peek-a-boo with them :) 

Another tip - if you get the chance to have a dance party with the Country Bears or Goofy, do it! Just make sure you hand the camera off to someone to capture that perfect Disney moment. 
Always be on the look out when you are walking around the parks. You never know who you will see and get a wave from. 
When you are dining with the characters don't just take the posed photo with each character. Take photos of your kids interacting with them. Those are the priceless moments you want to capture!  
That's it for today! Pretty easy right? Just always be ready to capture that priceless moment with a character. Tomorrow I will be talking about light! If you missed the other posts from this series follow the links below: 

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