Tuesday, September 9, 2014

Two Weeks with my Disney Jamberry Nail Wraps {Review}

Have you seen photos on pinterest of adorable and perfect Disney manicures? Have you ever tried to recreate those manicures to end up with a black blob on your nail instead of a cute little Mickey head? Or maybe you successfully painted that Mickey head but two days later your nails started chipping. 

A fellow Glass Slipper Concierge was having a Jamberry online party put on by Alyson Sharp and I couldn't resist ordering some adorable Disney wraps for my birthday trip to Disneyland. 

I don't have any photos of me putting them on because I didn't think to write a review until after I put them on. The process is simple though! Here is what you will need: a blow dryer, nail scissors, alcohol, cotton pad, cuticle pusher and your hands! You can find instructions for putting them on here along with a couple great videos. The first time I used Jamberry wraps back in May I had a few nails where the wrap was too big for my nail and touching the skin of my finger. You do not want that to happen. That is what causes peeling. The key is to go smaller than your nail if necessary. Also I like to wipe each nail with alcohol before applying each wrap. If you have any oil from your hands on your nails when you apply the wrap you won't get a good seal. 

Once I got the hang of the process it went very smoothly and pretty fast.  I think it took me 30 minutes to finish and I know I can do it much quicker. I had to trim down some of the wraps to fit my thumb nails and that took a little time. I could already tell this experience was going to be much better than my first! One of the greatest things about Jamberry wraps - I took a shower just 5 minutes after putting on the wraps! 

I did have one nail where the wrap seem to not seal correctly in just one spot. I just got the blow dryer out and put some heat and pressure on it again and didn't have a problem with it again. The next day we left for Disneyland and I had zero problems with my wraps during the trip. Plus I got so many compliments! A lot of cast members commented on them and couldn't believe I did them myself. Here is another photo of my nails one week after putting them on. 
Excuse the lack of walls in my house...we are in the middle of a major kitchen remodel. A week later I think the wraps still look great! I could tell they were wearing down at the tips a little bit but other than that they were still going strong. 

I think around Day 10 I started feeling like my nails had grown so much I wanted to remove the wraps. It wasn't because the wraps were failing but I just don't like my nails very long. I wanted to keep them on for 2 weeks for the review though so I kept them on. You can tell from the next photos that my nails had grown quite a bit. Also you will see in the second photo that one of the wraps did start to peel just a little bit. 
Now I was ready to take them off. You know what? It's so easy! As the removal instructions say I used the gentle removal process because I had them on for longer than 10 days. I simply put some nail polish remover in a bowl and soaked my fingers for about 30 seconds.
When I took my hand out the wraps were obviously coming off very easily. I then dipped a cotton pad in the nail polish remover and wiped off the wraps. It took me maybe 2 minutes to remove all of the wraps! 
Each sheet is more than one manicure. Personally I think I can get two manicures out of a sheet or three pedicures. Here is what my sheet looks like after one use. You can see I had to play around with trimming the bigger one to fit my thumbs but that was only because I wanted that specific design on my thumb but the other size was too small. 
That's it! Simple right? I was worried my nails would feel damaged by the adhesive but they look and feel great. I absolutely recommend Jamberry Nail Wraps! There are so many designs to choose from beyond Disney too. I find myself looking at all the designs and having the hardest time deciding which to buy. If you want to order some wraps head to Alyson's Jamberry website. Her email is at the very top. You will want to email her if you are interested in Disney themed or any custom wraps. Non-custom wraps are $15 per sheet and custom wraps are $18.75 plus a $6 set up fee. If you order multiple sheets of the same custom design maybe with a group of friends you can split the set up fee! 

Have you tried Jamberry Nail Wraps before? What did you think?


  1. Did you have any issues with jamberry and the disney copyright? The nail art studio says nothing disney. How did you do it?

    1. If you email Alyson at alysonlynne@hotmail.com she will help you. She is the one that ordered them for me. So far there does not seem to be an issues with copyright.

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